1 meter high birthday cake for elephant Pamai

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Society
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Up to 1 meter, and emitting the aroma of vanilla and fruit, cream absolutely free, so that the birthday cake, not who are eligible to enjoy. Today, such a cake is a 18-year-old birthday of the “big boys”, which is the Changsha zoo bought an elephant Pamai.

Pamai is at least 18 years old.  Its “adult ceremony” ceremony was held early this morning, began to prepare a breeder definitely be called a giant birthday cake. In Pamai houses to live in outer space Pingshang, from 3-layer stack of the forage, between each floor covered with yellow and white flowers open in rape, Chinese cabbage. The top of the cake grass, the breeder put the apple, watermelon, carrots, corn and other food it likes to eat. Play in several watermelon on 18 sugar cane, is also flying on top of each tomato, the time being as a birthday candle on it!



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