most favoured inn of the 2008 China’s most beautiful style inn poll

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Attractions
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Tencent picture and Distance Web held “2008 China’s most beautiful style inn” vote activities. The activities of a period of 20 days, a total of more than 140 the total number of users million votes, the election of the 10 most popular style inn, as well as specialists in the field the best 10 style inn, along with 22 rookie Inn has also been widely praised User .
the most favoured inn:
Lijiang, the nice time and nice guest inn : slowly grow old with you!
Inn features: simple and plain lazy freedom, clean and the small courtyard of the sun. Gone with the Wind of the Old Town of Lijiang Lai family homes. Good fun with a group of Friends of Freedom.
Regional quiet inn accommodation for sleeping, wake up in the room when the sun sprinkling you do not know the feeling to enjoy your breakfast or lunch room in order to provide a variety of styles like the guests to select their own room. Residential area is located in the ancient city of commanding height for a bird’s eye view panorama of the city without the noise from the voice of the ancient city of interference, and other activities in the city after the end of a walk, just across the road had a sleep will be able to enjoy basking in the quiet of the moonlight , to the inn before passing through the famous Lijiang Wu Temple, there are stars calendar millennium and still vigorous in a thick green of the towering Cooper is a perfect expression of exquisite feelings思古habitats.
The activities of the region suitable for sunbathing,花香鸟语courtyard. Enjoy the private bar is the best place to meet, a cup of tea products, sipping wine in a local characteristics, we can let you feel the enthusiasm of the owner of the Bold and the family warm and comfortable, of course, the most tempting is to meet the needs of all different flavors Food you, thought Oh let saliva flow.
The entire inn has wireless network coverage, washing machines can be self-service laundry.
琴棋can learn calligraphy and painting, such as the boss, especially in writing, of course, guests can Haofang exchange of beer wine liquor.

About the boss
Boss: homing boat, but also the old donkey自驾游. The two largest domestic Owners – e cross-country races and the registration of new members of the military and at the same time, in which also serves as an important job, car gone through and experienced, is a rather legendary figure in professional chef skills at the same time, around the heart名吃Tips numerous formulations, it is good tasting tea, you can freely chat with you drink tea, but also a lot of local fun pointing sina.

Room prices
Between two S & P: 1.1 m or 1.2 m 2 of bed, TV, wardrobe.
Single inter-Pu: a 1.2 m bed, TV, wardrobe.
Between the three S & P: 3 bed 1.1 meters.
Public bathroom (shower for the solar and electric water heater, 24 hours a day to worry about taking a bath)
King Standard Room: a 1.5 m bed, TV, bamboo tables and chairs, own a small table lamp of a special case.
Double Standard Room: 1.2 m 2 of bed, TV, wardrobe, ample sunshine, the beautiful night view of the city night.
Family Fun Suite: 1.5 m +1.2 m in a bed a bed, in between coats, as well as a small living room, equipped with bamboo sofas, tables and chairs,
Standard Room all have an independent ultra-luxurious bathroom, bathroom, hot water 24 hours a day do you enjoy!
Low season: double S & P between 25 / person
Single inter-Pu 30 / person
(Inter-annual S & P to provide monthly, there is a need to contact the resident’s friends boat)
Standard Room 60 per / day
Le Suite family 80 yuan / day
During peak seasons and holidays: between 50-60 S & P
Standard Room 150 yuan / day
Family Fun Suite 200 yuan / day
The above price is only a reference price, high season (July-August) and the Golden Week and other changes with the market.


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