The stronger taste of tea is at home–some pictures of the tea picking and China tea

Posted: April 14, 2009 in culture
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As the saying goes in China, The stronger taste of tea is at home. That means something is always better in your family or your home or your hometown than outside.  People think the best taste of tea is at home. Here are some pictures of picking tea in China, the tea, the boys and  girls , the monks…


  1. Kourosh says:

    i also eat tea and like more than western drinks like gives me a good sense and fresh my soul.
    provenance of tea is china and i think that the best taste of tea could be find in china.when i come to china,you should invite me to drink a original and lite tea in a beautiful place!
    I’m kidding…
    but in which arias of china tea grows?and what is the place growth and name of the best tea in china?

    • chinapicture says:

      haha, come on, if you are here, i’ll take you to do all things you want.

      chinese tea grows in many places in china, mainly in the east and south part of China.

      nearly every big tea base has a special famous tea. such as:

      Longjing tea simplified Chinese: 龙井茶
      普洱茶 Puer
      铁观音 Iron Mercy Goddness

  2. گنجشک says:

    O,really fantastic,you are really kind Brother.i want to come…i will come and visit your fantastic,lovely &… country and meet you dear friend,surely

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