sisters on the Sisters Festival ,Chinese Miao

Posted: April 17, 2009 in People
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The third lunar month every year 15-18, living in Mountain City and County at the junction of Baoting Lingshui Miao village girls-on-the traditional festivals – Festival sisters.

In the past few days, in accordance with traditional customs and practices of Hainan Miao, eat rice and sisters. Miao girl sister of rice is used to pick the wild plants in the mountains of flowers and leaves, glutinous rice dyed colors will be formed after the steamed. Sisters吃罢rice, with young girls dressed in festive costumes and ethnic clothing, came to Lingshui River before dawn, to participate in recreational and sports activities; to sing folk songs, blowing music festival, beach step on drums, boating, etc. Bull. Hainan Miao Festival sister was such a legendary story: A long time ago, living-on-Lingshui many bright beautiful girl Miao. Their hard-working, intelligent, with both hands to create material wealth and living a life of affluence. However, the fly in the ointment is that here山高路far, and the field isolation鸡犬sound and smell of each other exchanges. With the passage of time, grown-up girls, they still can not find如意郎君. Later, people come up with a magic bullet: Select San grass green, flowers in March of competing inter-yan, so that each of the girls come up with some tea and rice, such as dishes, inviting foreign girls and boys to come to dinner together. At dinner, the girls and boys are also a variety of colorful cultural and sports activities.天长日久, local girls will be boys with the field gradually built up a deep friendship, Life as a final form. In this way, the third lunar month every year 15-18, has become the Miao girls and boys together to celebrate and a better program.


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