Bed Sheet Culture Exhibition of Chinese Universities in graduate season

Posted: July 2, 2010 in culture, Entertainment
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June and July is the graduate time of most Chinese universities. After four years, these graduates have deeply feelings to their terminated school life,  the passed youth time, the familiar places, the honey girlfriend or boyfriend…

They always have their own ways to express feelings and emotions. Here is their graduate declaration.


  1. Kourosh says:

    really amazing and really beautiful sentence.but in Iran,when Iranian graduate from university it’s the start of their hard time because they can’t find any jobs,so we can say for Iranian students it is sorrow day!

    • chinapicture says:

      don’t be sad, i think all of this will become better.

      China graduates also face the pressure of finding a good job. i think China may have reached to 1.4 or 1.5 billion peopel

  2. گنجشک says:

    OMG,1.5 billion people.but i had head in china all people have work and all people atleast have a little house.

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