Rainstorm in Changsha makes the whole city a big Pool

Posted: August 7, 2010 in City
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A new round of heavy rainfall sweeps China Since July, many provinces around Changjiang River suffer flood disaster. Follow are some pictures taken from Changsha City after a new rainstorm on 7th August, 2010.

rainstorm in Changsha city 1

A Car Crossing a road bridge

rainstorm in Changsha city 2

a car in the rainstorm

People in the rainstorm

People in the rainstorm

Barefoot ballet after the rainstorm

Barefoot ballet after the rainstorm

Changsha city after the rainstorm

Changsha city after the rainstorm

bus running in the pool after the rainstorm

bus running in the pool after the rainstorm

Cars in Changsha city

Cars in Changsha city

Changsha City introduction:

A city of southern China on the Xiang Jiang west-southwest of Shanghai. It was founded in the early third century B.C. and was long noted as a literary center. Changsha is the capital of Hunan province.
It has a population of 1.51million.
The area of the city proper is 554 square kilometers.

Area code: 0773
Postal code: 410000

Changsha Climate & Weather:

Changsha has a monsoon climate within the sub-tropical zone, with annual average temperature being 16.8 to 17.2 degrees Celsius, 4.6 degrees Celsius in January and 28.6 degrees Celsius in July. Average annual precipitation is 1422 mm., and the yearly frost-free period is 275 days.The four seasons are distinct. Summer is long and broiling, with heavy rainfall, and autumn is comfortable with abundant sunlight. In winter, it is nearly rainless and not very cold, changing to rainy and wet weather with rapidly increasing temperatures in the spring. on 7th August, 2010.

What to see & Changsha Attractions

The tomb excavation site of Mawangdui found in the eastern suburb of the city is a family graveyard from that period.

The most fantastic historical relic should be the well-preserved mummified remains of a Western Han Dynasty woman excavated from the tombs. Some of thousands of relics unearthed include silk products, paintings, lacquer works, potteries, bamboo slips used for writing, weapons and herbs, all of which are exhibited in Hunan Provincial Museum .

What earns the city its reputation among tourists are two things. One is a great man in China’s recent history, Chairman Mao Zedong and the other is Yuelu Academy, a time-honored academic school perched on the scenic Yuelu Mountain. Originally built in 976 during the Song Dynasty, the academy school survived through the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties and is considered to be the cradle of Huxiang Culture. (simply means the culture school in Hunan Province)

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    seem to be a developed city…

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