Interesting photos of people in holiday.

Posted: October 18, 2010 in People
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Oct. 1 to 7th is one of the longest holiday in China, many people could have a good rest in this long-term holiday. Here we take some interesting photos of them.


wolf in the sky

wolf in the sky



boy soldier

boy soldier



big woman with small umbrella

big woman with small umbrella



i am a small dog but i can ride a car

i am a small dog but i can ride a car


  1. Theoden says:

    Beautiful photos.please continue publishing photos.i can really sense china with photos of china and Chinese music

    • chinapicture says:

      haha, Theoden, it’s you! How do you know here!

      This is one of my blog, usually i update several gallary one month.

      Many people don’t know the new china, i’d like to let more people know the true China by pictures.


      • Kourosh says:

        Yes it’s….Janok you are really fantastic.i really owe you because of your activities about china and make me love china more and more and know it are so active.because can’t be open from Iran’s internet,i will come to visit this blog more in excellent blog you have.really thanks Brother

      • chinapicture says:

        oh, really, i am so glad to hear that. China develops fast, i’d like to show the true China to world, both good and bad photos.

        it’s a pity that you could not visit, as i could not visit facebook and wordpress directly in China.

        if you like, i could post some good albums’ directly download links on your facebook.

  2. گنجشک says:

    Oh…really?thanks dear.i have downloaded the simon ng’s really beautiful dear janok.please put the links of albums that you think is beautiful.i trust your choice.

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